Executive Committee

   Tom Finke

Vice President of Operations
 Kerry Page

Vice President of Marketing
Mark Zandarski

Chief Social Officer
   Leana Sinatra

Chief Financial Officer
   Barb Good

Operations Group

Secretary - Susan Finke

Shirt Coordinator - John Jesmer

Volunteer Coordinator - Scot Raffelson

Volunteer Coordinator - Rob Ruen

Special Events Coordinator - Michael Schafer

Sponsor Off-Site Run Coordinator - Deb Bloch

Technology (computer) Technician - Brian Maguire

Race Volunteer Coordinator - Jen Samora

Director of Marketing - OPEN

Director of Merchandise - Dean Whitman

Sponsor Coordinator - Mark Zandarski

Social Media Coordinators - Jen Samora

Social Media Coordinator - Kevin Shaw

Social Media Coordinator - Michael Yowell

Past Presidents
Ryan Shininger (2006-2007)
Allison Plute (January-June 2007)
Karen Evers (June 2007-2010)
Jesus Jimenez (2010-2011)
Shawn Finley (2011-2013)
Adam Hulsey (2013-2015)

Our Sponsors

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