Q: I have heard about the club but I don’t know anybody there, what do I need to do?

A: The only thing you need to do is show up at Jack Quinn’s Pub after 5:15PM on any Tuesday and be prepared to run or walk 5K. No need to feel like an outsider, just approach any runner if you would like to get the scoop. We pride ourselves in being a very open and approachable group.

Q: I’m not a fast runner, can I still come?

A: One of the unique aspects of Jack Quinn’s Running Club is the diversity of our members. We attract everyone from new runners and walkers to recreational and elite athletes. In addition, the club is family friendly, feel free to bring your kids.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Jack Quinn’s Running Club is absolutely free of charge and there are no obligations. Just show up and run or walk. After the run, participants are entitled to Odell beer specials. Participate in ten runs and you’ll become a “shirted member.” (You’ll have the option of purchasing the $10 Jack Quinn’s Running Club shirt)

Q: How is everything free/cheap? Who pays for it?

A: The running club is free to runners thanks to the support of our sponsors. They provide us with shelter, shwag, cheap beer, etc. and we support their businesses. Please support our sponsors and check out the special deals that they offer to Jack Quinn’s Runners.

Q: Why does the running club meet at a bar?

A:  The club meets at a pub because it provides a social environment that is more inviting, less intimidating, and more social for our runners. But most importantly, they have beer.

Q: Doesn’t drinking beer negate the positive effects of running?

A: No, we maintain that running negates the adverse effects of drinking beer. Plus, running and drinking beer is a lot better for you than not running and drinking beer.


Q: Why do you take attendance?

A: We take attendance primarily so that we can award runners a shirt on their 10th attendance. We continue to take attendance for shirted runners because we like to show off our stats and keep track of member attendance totals. This creates some friendly competition between our runners and gives us the capability to give awards for special mile marks in the future.

Q: I have attended 3 times but when I checked in last week it only showed 2. Can you adjust this?

A: Sure, we operate on the honor system. The easiest way to get your attendance adjusted is to inform the attendance taker of the error the next time you run with us. They will simply make a note and you should see that it will be corrected for the following week.



Q: How can I get a shirt?

A: Runners are “Shirted” on their 10th attendance. We hold a “Shirting” ceremony after each run at approximately 7:00pm.  The 10-run shirts do cost $10 and you should pay prior to the shirting ceremony.

Q: I’m visiting from out of town and will not be able to participate in the required number of runs. Can I buy a shirt?

A: The only way that a shirt can be obtained is to earn it by participating in the required number of runs. This is the agreement that we have with our sponsors and we cannot make any exceptions.  However, we offer lots of other swag that is not tied to the number of runs.  Check out the swag table for details.

Q: I lost / damaged my shirt. Can you give me a replacement?

A: Sure, just speak with a green shirt.  Replacement shirts are $10.



Q: I took a picture in my Jack Quinn’s Running Club shirt when I was traveling. Will you add it to the Traveling Quinn's Shirts album?

A: Sure. Just post to our Traveling Shirt Album.

Q: I took some pictures during the run last Tuesday. Could you upload them to the website?

A: Sure, we can do this but we may pick and choose from your pictures to avoid cluttering the album. Post them here.

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Q: I have a friend that does not run but they would like to join us afterward to socialize. Is this okay?

A: Absolutely. We are open to everyone, regardless of their abilities.

Q: I would like to advertise an upcoming race, will you help me promote it?

A: We would love to help you.  Visit our sponsor tab or email sponsor@jackquinnsrunners.com to find out how.

Q: I really enjoy the running club and I have a good or service that I would like to donate. Who should I talk to?

A: Visit our sponsor tab or email sponsor@jackquinnsrunners.com to find out how.

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