Have you never run with us before? On this page are some facts that will help you with your first run with us.

Sign-in: Come into Jack Quinn's and go upstairs (stairs are left of the entrance). Walk up to any of the New Runner Sign in and speak with a green shirt (Green Shirts signify volunteers). Sign-up and the next week you will be in the database for quick check-in. 

Route: The JQRC route. During the winter season headlamps or a flashlight are required.

Ten runs: Do that and you qualify for our nifty white technical shirt for $10. 

Food and beer: $1 tacos and $2.50 Odell pints. Tip your servers since they have deal with so many sweaty people on Tuesday nights.

How do we do it: Sponsors! Check them out. Some sponsors have discounts if you wear your Jack Quinn's shirt.

If you have any questions please feel free to talk to any of the volunteers behind the attendance table. They can also be spotted by their nifty green shirts.

Rules of Engagement
1. You must sign a waiver to run with the club.
Jack Quinn's ain't held responsible if you injure yourself.

2. You are running at your own risk.
Obstacles such as fast moving cars, curbs, ice, parking meters, leprechauns, and confused tourists may be encountered at any time.

3. Do not jaywalk.
That is naughty and you will be BOO'ed at by the mob of runners. And if thou witness a jaywalker, thou shall partake with the righteous mob in the BOO'ing of this fool.

4. Tip your barkeeps well.
C'mon, you're only paying two fifty a pint!

5. You must wear a headlamp or carry a flashlight during the winter season.
(Or set your hair on fire). You need to see and be seen!

6. Stay informed and get involved.
Join our website, facebook, twitter, and ask about volunteer opportunities.

Joining our website? The website sign-up is different and separate from the run database. To have your runs counted you need to sign-up on Tuesday night at our run. I will approve your online account once you sign-up at a Tuesday night run.

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